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Product is a managed marketplace that assembles the perfect team of college counselors while also controlling performance & billing until students get into college. Through our immersive coaching program, WeAdmit guides high school students as they find their passion and best-fit college.

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Counselor Genie

CounselorGenie is a self-service hiring platform specializing in college consultants. As the Yelp of college counselors, high school students and their parents can find admissions counselors locally and nationally.

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ConnecPath Forum

ConnecPath Forum is a free community forum that allows high school students to connect with college students and ask college-related questions. This collaborative knowledge base benefits students who don’t have access to our high-end services such as

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Leo Sanada

Leo, an education enthusiast, founded a career-education non-profit entity in Japan for 7 years on an extracurricular basis. While earning an MBA at the University of Michigan, Leo completed a 3-month internship at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor that laid ConnecPath’s foundation.


Pradeep Gaddam

Pradeep is a visionary technologist. He has devoted his professional career to software development consistently. His 12-year journey as a VR researcher to a data scientist has inspired him to envision how technology will change the world.

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